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24 Jan 2019

For many, January is a tough month financially especially if you were paid early before Christmas. Don’t make matters worse by missing the self-assessment deadline on the 31st January. Avoid the £100 penalty and make sure you submit your tax return on time. #SATR #SelfAssessment

9 Jan 2019

The 2017/18 Tax Return deadline is fast approaching and if you miss it you could be liable to a penalty of at least £100 as well as Interest on any tax paid late.

If you have any income that is not covered by PAYE, you completed a return last year or you have been asked to complete a return this year you must submit a self Assessment Tax Return and pay any outstanding tax before 31st January 2019...

12 Dec 2018

Christmas is around the corner and the #SelfAssessment deadline is fast approaching. Over 750k people completed their ’18 return on the deadline day and nearly as many missed the deadline.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Make sure you avoid penalties, get in touch for advice. 

27 Nov 2018

HMRC has small businesses under the microscope and are chasing the estimated £33 billion that is missing from the total tax bill. Tax Investigation Insurance is vital to protect your business. Contact us for more information. 

31 Jan 2018

Watch Out, Watch Out The Revenue are about....  

It is that time of year many a self-employed person dreads, the deadline to submit your tax return and pay anything you owe.  But this year there is a question a select few should be asking themselves - have I profited from my investment in crypto-currencies?  If you have, you could be liable for tax. 

In 2014 Revenue & Customs published g...

13 Jan 2018

Self Assessment Deadline Looming

7 Nov 2017

The first Simple Assessment computations, called PA302s, landed on doormats in October. The concept of Simple Assessment has been in development since December 2015, so what is it, and who will be affected?

The background to Simple Assessment

Simple Assessment, despite being a paper-based system, is part of the government’s Making Tax Digital programme. The goal is for HMRC to use information that...

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